We Want to Help You Find the Best New York Property Insurance

Owning a home or property in New York can be a lot of work. There’s maintenance, repairs, cleaning, tenants, and taxes. We can’t help you with maintenance or taxes, but at Mark Lauria Associates we can make shopping for New York property insurance easy. We help property owners across the state in cities like Albany, New York City, Buffalo and many others find great property insurance. Our associates are knowledgeable, helpful and ready to serve you. Contact us today and find the right policy for your home, apartment, commercial building or land.

Property Insurance - Protecting Your Investment

new york property insuranceProperty can be a huge investment. The right property insurance can protect this investment from natural disasters like floods or fires, damage from vandalism and more. Property insurance will also protect your assets should you be held legally liable for injuries or other problems that occur on your property. We take care of the legwork for you and find policies and New York property insurance companies that will meet your needs. All you have to do is contact us and let us handle finding policies, dealing with insurance companies and determining your coverage needs. We help property owners across the state in cities in great New York cities just like yours.

If you own property in New York, contact us today!

Our Knowledgeable Associates Are Ready to Help

If you aren’t an insurance expert you may have questions as you shop for property insurance policies. You may wonder which companies to trust and how much coverage you need. Our knowledge associates have the answers you seek. They can help you determine how much coverage you need to protect your Manhattan apartment or your Albany home. Let us do the research for you so you can enjoy the town. Head into the city for a Broadway show or take a day trip out to Albany for the annual tulip festival with the time you save.

We Have Your Best Interest At Heart

new york property insurance We want you to have the insurance coverage you need to protect your property, your family, your tenants and your assets. We will help you find the right policies. We are an independent insurance agency which means that we only answer to our clients, not to insurance companies. We have your best interests at heart and will use our years of experience to lead you to a trusted company in our network. Choosing property insurance doesn’t have to be like taking a shot in the dark. We can light the way to a great policy from a top notch insurance company.

If you have been putting off taking care of your property insurance needs because you don’t the time to call around, wait no more. Contact Mark Lauria Associates and we’ll do the research and find the right fit for you. Our knowledgeable agents are ready to find you a stellar policy that will protect your property whether you own land, commercial buildings, a home or something else.  We are ready to help you find excellent property insurance in New York!