Do You Need New York Insurance? We Are Ready to Help

Shopping for insurance on your own can take hours or even days. Calling companies for quotes, trying to figure out the type of coverage you need, and finalizing the details of your policies can be a real chore – but it doesn’t have to be. At Mark Lauria Associates we want to help you with your NY insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency representing several top insurance providers in New York state and New Jersey. We will act as your trusted advisor, helping you determine your coverage needs while saving you time. Figuring out your insurance needs on your own can be tricky. Don’t wory; we are ready to help you find the policies that fit your situation and will protect your family.

Acting as Your NY Insurance Advisor

We know that it can be tricky determining your insurance needs alone. You may have a lot of questions like:

  • How much coverage do you need to protect your home and your assets?
  • Do you need a personal liability policy?
  • What types of insurance are legally required in New York?
  • Are you over or under-insured?

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Our helpful agents understand the unique insurance needs of New York residents and will act as your advisor throughout the insurance process. We even offer a yearly insurance review to make sure your policies will keep on protecting you even as your insurance needs change. Our goal isn’t to just sell you a policy; we want to make sure you have an enjoyable experience while getting the protection you need.

Contact us to start shopping for insurance in New York now!

We Will Help You Determine Your Coverage Needs

Insurance coverage needs can vary quite a bit from situation to situation. For example, a married homeowner in Paterson will have different coverage needs than a single renter in Ridgewood. The type of car you drive, the assets you have, even your career type will have an impact on the type of insurance you need. We counsel with you and determine your coverage needs then we find policies that will keep you, your assets and your family protected. Whether you need health insurance, personal liability coverage, automobile insurance or something else, we can help. Our experienced associates are ready to create a custom insurance package tailored to your unique needs.

Saving You Time

Calling around for insurance quotes and dealing with insurance companies can take a lot of time. Contacting us is much simpler. Give us a call and let us do the insurance legwork for you. We will determine the policies you need, recommend top insurance companies, set up policies, manage your payments and more. When you do need to make a claim, we will guide you through the process. With Mark Lauria you won’t spend hours on the phone or struggle in an endless maze of automated phone messages. We provide personal and friendly service so you can get a great policy from a trusted insurance company without having to spend hours on the phone. Catch a ballet with the NYC Ballet or head on over to Niagara Falls with the time you save. We make it easy for residents of Albany, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Westchester and other New York cities to find NY insurance. Contact us today.

Protect yourself and your assets with the right NY insurance. We can help you with all of your insurance needs from homeowner’s coverage to automobile insurance to rental property insurance. We are independent insurance agents in New York and are ready to act as your representatives and advisors. We have been serving the NY/NJ area since 1979 and are a trusted insurance partner with generations of experience. Pick up the phone and let us find your next policies.