We Help New York Drivers with Their Auto Insurance Needs

We know that owning a car in NYC is a rarity, but once you get outside the city many people own and drive cars of their own. If you plan on driving around you will need some stellar car insurance to help you travel all around in all sorts of weather. At Mark Lauria Associates we are ready to help you find the perfect policy. We are independent insurance agents that have relationships with many great companies offering New York car insurance. We will educate and inform you, help you determine your insurance requirements and set you up with a great policy from one of our trusted insurance providers. We have been serving NY and NJ residents for more than 25 years and know a lot about New York auto insurance. Contact us today!

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

new york auto insuranceAuto insurance policies can be tricky. What are the legal requirements in your state? How much coverage do you need to protect your assets? You aren’t an insurance expert, but we are and we can answer your questions and teach you what you need to know about auto insurance in NY. Our knowledgeable advisors aren’t just trying to sell you a policy; we want you to have a pleasant and informed experience as you shop for auto insurance. As an independent insurance agent we act with our customer’s best interests in mind and can find you an auto insurance policy that will be a great fit with your lifestyle.

If you need auto insurance in New York contact us now!

We Will Help You Determine Your Auto Insurance Needs

Your auto insurance needs are unique. We want to make sure that you have coverage whether you are driving across the Brooklyn Bridge or heading upstate on the I-87. We will listen to you and strive to understand your situation so that we can find a policy that will work for you and protect your assets and vehicle in case of an accident or lawsuit. We know New York and understand the auto insurance requirements in your area. We will make sure you have the protection you need.

Finding You a Great Policy from a Trusted New York Provider

new york auto insuranceqAll car insurance policies are not created equal. The cheapest policy around might not be in your best interest. When problems occur you need an auto insurance company that will stand by your side and bargain providers will sometimes leave you on your own after an accident.  We will lead you to a policy that combines quality and value. We support you with all your insurance needs from finding you a policy to helping you with claims. When you turn to Mark Lauria for your New York car insurance needs you don’t ever have to worry about figuring your policy out on your own; we are always here to support you. Our agents will help you find a great policy from an insurance company that you can trust.

We know that car insurance is important and want you to have the coverage you need. When you work with us we’ll answer questions, teach you about New York auto insurance, determine your needs and find a policy that will protect your vehicle and your assets. Accidents happen, but with the right auto insurance you won’t have to pick up the pieces alone. A car insurance policy can protect the value of your vehicle from accidents and keep your family and assets safe.